Vitamins and Minerals

Nutritional Health Care is being able to optimize what nutrition is needed to best heal, build, and maintain peak healthy functioning in the body’s systems and organs. The selection of the vitamins and minerals used at Green Wave Family Wellness Center are of the highest quality and have been best found to facilitate this process of wellness.

Four Featured Companies selected at Green Wave:

Standard Process: Upholds a Whole food Philosophy to provide nutrients as they are found in nature and prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value.

Mediherb: Has a vision to combine the time-honored wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience, the rigor of scientific research and the power of education to continually uphold the benchmark of quality, safety and efficacy in natural healthcare.

Solutions4: Provides 100% organic, perfectly potent, honestly herbal goodness in every formulation by every step in the production and processing meeting their triple monitored format for quality.

Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality strives to formulate and produce the highest quality nutritional supplements made to demanding specifications. Natural Calm is a breakthrough in magnesium supplements and delivers the highest assimilation possible to release the benefits of therelaxing Magnesium supplement.

Investing in your Health is Investing in yourself and you’re always worth it.

**Green Wave offers for active patients many supplements on site as well as can set up web order access.