Holistic Psychiatric Services

There are times in our lives when we may not know how to or be able to slow it all down or the reverse, we just can not get ourselves up and get going to find a better way. This can lead to the experience of serious symptoms of mental duress and negative mental response styles potentially causing painful and at times dangerous effects to our self, relationships, and purpose. At these times in our lives, having the gift of a diagnostic evaluation and treatment from a mental health specialist like a holistic psychiatric practitioner can be vital. 

Holistic psychiatric services to mental health focuses on the whole person and the systems they are a part of — not just disease symptoms. The goal is wellness.  At Green Wave, we carefully assess the needs and apply our holistic approach to healthcare to help stabilize and lower the initial and long-term need for undue medication or invasive methods. We believe this is the best approach to healthcare in one’s the journey towards attaining and maintaining balanced health and wellness.

3 Phases of Holistic Psychiatric Services for Mental Health 

I. Stabilization

Clients will receive a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation to assess various mental health issues that need to be addressed. A holistic treatment approach is utilized which involves taking into account all aspects of a client’s life when diagnosing and treating mental illness, including looking at physical health, emotional state, social interactions, and spiritual wellness, as well as considering medication management and other treatment modalities that might be beneficial. This phase concludes as the client starts to gain more control over their mental health. 

II. Rehabilitation

After the initial stabilization phase, next comes the rehabilitation phase. Mental Health rehab is designed to help clients manage their symptoms, develop healthy coping tools, and learn to live a normal life with their diagnosis. Mental health disorders can manifest differently from one client to another, which is why a customized, individual treatment plan is essential. 

III. Maintenance of Optimal Functioning

The goal for every client is for them to live their best life. Clients live their best life when they have empowered themselves by learning how to properly manage their mental health within their full system of balance. Holistic psychiatric services strive to help one reach and maintain their optimal balance and functioning. This holistic approach will reach the minimization or elimination of medication by including the support of wellness services whether that be continued counseling or other wellness services like chiropractic and nutrition.

When you or a loved one most need it, Green Wave now offers Holistic Psychiatric Services.

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