Hormone Imbalance Treatments

Struggling with unexplained weight gain, low energy, or mood swings? You may have a hormone imbalance. Read on to learn more!

Hormones (from Greek horman “to set in motion”) are a kind of biochemical messenger. Most hormones are chemical substances produced by specialized tissue formations called endocrine glands. The substances are secreted directly into the bloodstream, other body fluids, or into adjacent tissues. Hormones regulate metabolic activity of other organs or tissues of the body. The symptoms of hormone imbalance are vast.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

• Weight Gain
• Dips In Energy
• Fluctuations In Body Temperature
• Decreased Sex Drive
• Moodiness Or Mood Swings
• Difficulty Sleeping
• Menopausal Symptoms for Women
• Andropausal Symptoms for Men

How To Balance Hormones

There are many approaches to assist with types of hormone concerns. There is hormone replacement therapy. This consists of two primary designs. One that uses “man-made” synthetic hormones whose chemical structure differs from those produced in the body and the other which uses bioidentical hormones using chemically synthesized hormones identical to the body. One major disadvantage of these replacement approaches for the average person is the practitioner’s challenge of attempting to do the job of the body’s hormone system consistently across time.

According to Dr. Linda Nelson, N.D., Ph.D. a renowned doctor of Naturopathy and doctor of Integrated Health Therapies,

“Hormone health does not depend on using toxic doses of synthetic drugs to suppress symptoms. Like any aspect of health, hormone heath is linked directly to having essential 100% nutrition, exercise, stress control and detoxification to produce and metabolize hormones properly. Given the proper environment, the body is able to manufacture its own balanced hormones.”

What hormone imbalance treatment do we use?

Here at Green Wave, our approach is to use the least invasive and most natural method to support your hormone system. Our goal is to assist the body in rebuilding its own capability to produce and regulate healthy hormone levels through the use of a natural hormone nutrient system. Our safe approach guided by Dr. Nelson’s work helps the body take care of itself. Balanced hormones better boost energy, aid weight loss, and decrease the fading effects of aging and much more.

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We recommend you consult your physician if you are currently using a hormone replacement approach for a medical condition before starting our supplement based hormone balancing approach.