Exceptional Children Thrive With Enhancing Exceptional Families

All children are unique and special. However, there are normal ranges of physical attributes, social interpersonal skills and learning abilities. Those children who differ above or below the norm on these qualities are considered Exceptional Children. They may be stronger, shorter, learn more quickly, remember easier, figure out faster or require an extra touch of teaching or repeated practice to get there. Sometimes exceptional children are described or diagnosed as having learning and/or behavior problems, children with physical disabilities or sensory impairments, and children who are intellectually gifted or have a special talent. While each is to be loved for who they are, each may need the extra touch to help them express who they are in the most productive ways through an individualized program of special education, counseling including the families and related services to fully thrive in education and life.


At Green Wave Family Wellness Center, while we understand a diagnosis may be generic, we believe and support that the individual is not. Each child and family will have various ways of addressing each exceptional situation. The individualization of care will help reach beyond labels and protocols. The assessment and treatment should be based on the specific personality, abilities and needs of the client. Being familiar with the latest treatment methods is crucial, but not if the relationship, self-esteem, or progress is jeopardized. Often being defined by a diagnosis confounds and frustrates children rather than provides security. We offer key points of treatment to guide our services and a parent’s understanding.

5 Key Points to Treatment

Here at Green Wave Family Wellness Center, we support that in the treatment of exceptional children and their families, five things should be kept in mind:

  • Keeping the individuality of the person as the most important aspect of care
  • Understanding the support needs of the entire family
  • Understanding social dynamics
  • Managing the impact on the entire family
  • Preparing for issues that may impact the family in the future

Exceptional children include Exceptional families and taken together are simply families. They frequently have very strong bonds and have a unique view of the world. We believe at Green Wave that when others take the time to see the individual and the family, acceptance and understanding can be beneficial to all. Exceptional families simply need the opportunity and support to grieve the loss of expectations, address challenges and gain the ability to see positive aspects of the child and the family. But the lessons gained by the others outside the family can be more significant. They learn that each person is unique, love is a good thing and everyone brings something to the table.

At Green Wave Family Wellness Center, we see it as a privilege to have the chance to be part of the solutions and to get to know your exceptional family.