3 Primary Areas of Central Nervous System Interference

Interference of the central nervous system (CNS) can result in overall stress that can overwhelm the body and may cause the bones of the spine (vertebrae) to go out of alignment. This lack of alignment will affect the tone of the body as well as often interfere by blocking nerves and blood vessels, which go to everything in the body, hindering functioning of your body.

While a spinal adjustment can counter affects from various negative impacts and help the body best heal itself, here are the most common negative interferences:

Physical Trauma

Early on, the spine can be affected by things like the birthing process, learning to walk or ride a bike, or playing everyday sports. As adults, the function of our spines can be diminished by car accidents, repetitive motions, long periods of sitting, improper lifting, and many everyday activities. All kinds of old or new body impacts or habitual strain movements from prenatal to birth and on across the age span can result in misalignments and eventual degeneration of the spine affecting the CNS.

Emotional Stress

Emotional or relationship stresses impact the CNS via the mind-body connection. Researchers studying the “mind – body” connection are finding that many types of physical complaints are related to poor emotional health. Muscles and soft tissues of the spine are commonly involved. Everything from deadlines and financial worries to traffic jams and stress can cause spinal problems. It has been hypothesized that 70% of the back issues are a result of emotional stresses not physical trauma. This is why here at Green Wave we also offer counseling, life coaching, massage and other relaxing forms of healing technologies to be used as needed in conjunction with chiropractic care.

Poor Nutrition or Toxins

We are made heavily of what we eat on purpose or not. Nutritional neglect, dehydration, drugs/alcohol and/or environmental toxins all can affect weight gain, hormonal changes, muscle tones, and the nervous system functions. Further, these issues can lead to serious chemical imbalances that can have diverse effects including calcium deposits that reduce joint mobility and make complete correction difficult in the spine and extremities.

The main purpose of the chiropractor is to reduce the effects of such interferences to your inborn, innate healing ability through adjustments. Green Wave’s chiropractors heal you through co-facilitating with you helping remove the interferences in your body, assisting your better choices of a more healthy environment and adjusting your spine to develop a proper spinal alignment all helping you and your body to heal itself.

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