Skin Care

When you look in the mirror what concerns you the most? Common frustrations that we get from our patients include:

• Breakouts • Dullness • Sensitivity • Wrinkles
• Premature aging • Sun Damage • Scars
• Stretch marks • Saggy skin • Puffy skin
• Precancerous conditions • Dark/Brown Spots

Our Dr. Recommended Approach

Healthy skin reflects a healthy body and contributes to feeling good about you. Healthy skin decreases the chances of infections and generates good body chemistry inside and out. Here at Green Wave it is not just about healing your skin but continued revealing of the beautiful healthy you.

Our tailored approach reflects the four points of Green Wave’s Health and Recovery Diamond:

  1. Cleanse: (Cleaning out what damages health)
  2. System Stimulators: (Cutting edge technologies to get good things going)
  3. Nutrition: (Healthy food)
  4. Lifestyle: (How one lives a healthy way of life)

Our Skin Care Treatment

Phase I:  Initial Intensive Care
Use this link to go to Dr. Tali Cluxton’s Rodan and Fields web page (makers of Proactive ©). Once on the page, click “Customize Your Routine” and then click “Start the solution tool” to take the quick and easy solution tool evaluation. Order and ship your tailored products straight from the Rodan and Fields site. We recommend becoming a preferred customer or direct distributor for the added financial benefits.

Green Wave chose this product line for three main reasons:

  • It works!
  • It reflects one of the most natural skin care approaches on the market and you can order it hassle-free from the site.
  • Clients have a chance to reduce costs and/or develop income by gaining guidance to become a direct distributor.

Phase II: Rehabilitative Care: Detoxification and Restoration
Download the Green Wave skin care evaluation. Call and set up a  Full Electronic Health Scan and skin consultation at Green Wave. The scan and evaluation will best assist our doctors in developing your next course of action to more deeply generate health inside and out. A clear action plan of next steps will be developed including detoxification and restoration.

Phase III. Maintenance Care: Keeping good things going!
Continue using your Rodan and Fields Protocol. Follow our recommendations on lifestyle and nutrition for body and skin. Schedule follow-up evaluations and continue guidance as directed for your condition and goals.

No matter what age you are, now is the time to free yourself from the concerns of unhealthy skin and get started revealing the beautiful healthy you. Call (850) 215-5657 today to get started!