Secret Health Benefits of A BioMeridian Stress Assessment

You may be wondering, What is a BioMeridian stress assessment? And we at Green Wave are glad you’re questioning this form of electro-dermal testing because it is one of the best ways to determine your health in as little as 20 minutes. It can give you an extensive look at how your body is currently functioning, and with a designated technician, you can determine how to correct health issues and provide nutritional guidance. So how exactly does this screening work?

How Meridian Stress Tests Work

Throughout your body, there is a network of energy pathways, or what we like to call meridians. These meridians flow through our tissues and organs which correspond closely to acupuncture points found on hands and feet. Our bodies use the meridians to adjust internal systems for optimal body functioning. Green Wave uses these acupuncture points to measure energy disturbances in meridians, which in turn can indicate imbalances in associated organs or tissues.

We scan around 60 points along the surface of your skin with a small stylus that transmits a slight electrical current to the meridians in order to measure the resistance to the electrical charge. The resistance, or speed the current travels through a meridian pathway, will indicate the health status of that corresponding organ.

All of this data is displayed on a computer screen right in front of you during testing, and with the help of an extensively trained BioMeridian technician like Green Wave’s very own Dr. Tali Cluxton, you can assess what corrective measures are needed. We use a detailed database of thousands of products that can help restore nutritional balance, which we may suggest you combine with other healing therapies like massages and hormone imbalance treatments.

So What Are Those Secret Benefits?

The benefits of a BioMeridian stress scan are actually pretty endless when you take into consideration what you can test with the assessment, but let’s look at specifics.

BioMeridian tests can:

  • Determine allergies and any hidden sensitivity to anything you’re currently inhaling or putting into your body, like food.
  • Test major body systems like the adrenal, endocrine and digestive system for any problems or deficiencies.
  • Pinpoint nutritional gaps or weaknesses.
  • Dissect current medications or supplements to determine their health benefits and help determine what other remedies will be better suited to your issues.
  • Determine toxicity levels and how they’re affecting your energy level and major organ function.

The best part about this scan is that it’s completely non-invasive — you can determine all of these health factors without being exposed to radiation or sharp needles!

So are you ready to assess major areas of your health in 20 minutes? Call (850) 215-5657 to learn how to get started today!