Relief for Pregnancy Symptoms without Medication

Experiencing lower back pains while pregnant? Fatigue? Physical and emotional stress?

pregnancy symptomsPregnancy is a rewarding experience, but it can also be taxing on your body – especially your spine. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you feel your baby’s first kicks, however you’ll quickly realize that tiny bundle of joy comes at heavy cost to your physical and mental health.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for suffering the less glamorous side of creating human life. A skilled chiropractor can help ease many of your pregnancy symptoms, so that you can focus on enjoying your pregnancy without the hassle.

1.)    Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is arguably the worst pregnancy symptom you can experience.

When you’re pregnant, you release hormones which relax your ligaments to allow the baby to pass through the pelvis. However, at the same time, this change can make it easier for bones in your spine to shift out of alignment.  As you gain weight and your center of gravity moves forward, your body naturally compensates by increasing the natural curve of your spine. All of these combined, can lead to spinal misalignment, which can not only cause back pains during pregnancy, but could even lead to chronic back pain down the line!

But on to the good stuff: how can you find relief without relying on medication that may be harmful to your baby?

Chiropractors are specifically trained to perform spinal adjustments to get your back into proper alignment. In fact, chiropractic adjustments may reduce pain during pregnancy by up to 60%. Not only are chiropractors 100% safe for pregnancy, but they will treat the cause of the pain (misalignment) versus medications which will treat only the symptom (pain).

2.)    Stress Reduction

Another major contributor to your back pain is stress. Of course you’re excited about pregnancy, but even that excitement in itself is a source of stress. On top of adapting to the physical changes your body is going through, you may be dealing with emotional stressors like preparing for the baby or balancing your work life and prenatal appointments. If your pregnancy caught you by surprise, your stress levels may be doubled due to financial concerns. These feelings are completely normal – over half of all women experience anxiety or depression at some point while pregnant.

That said, don’t go reaching for your prescription drugs just yet – most of these are not recommended during pregnancy as they could harm your baby.

Alternative methods such as counseling are safer and will be more effective in dealing with the root of your emotional problems. Massage therapy can also help you release tension in your muscles and relax, and it’s completely safe, even recommended, for pregnant women.

3.)    Weight Management

Pregnancy weight gain can be a major source of stress for some women. Whether you started at a healthy weight or were overweight before becoming pregnant, it’s never fun to see those numbers go up each week, and constantly worrying about whether you’re gaining enough or maybe too much. At the same time, you’re dealing with crazy cravings, yet you’re limited on what exercises you can do to stay in shape.

While a calorie-restrictive diet and hardcore exercise regimen is not advised while your baby is developing, you may benefit from seeing a wellness specialist who can guide you on proper nutrition and pregnancy-safe exercises. Not only will this help you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, but it will also ensure your baby is getting the nutrients it needs as it grows.

After your baby is born, a wellness specialist can even help you get back into shape, to help you ease back into a normal diet and exercise routine after your recovery period is up.

There are some wellness clinics, such as Green Wave Family Wellness Center, which provide all of these services and more. At Green Wave, we have a qualified chiropractor who is experienced in treating pregnant patients and skilled in Webster technique which is known for significantly reducing breech birth situations, resulting in an easier delivery and reduced recovery time for the mother.

Green Wave also has counseling services and licensed massage therapists to help women handle pregnancy stress, anxiety and depression. Lastly, our weight loss services include detox and cleansing, personal training, and safe cutting-edge technology proven in helping you get your body back after you’ve had your baby. Our skin care program will even help you deal with stretch marks, during and after pregnancy.

Between keeping up with appointments and preparing for your baby, having a place where you can take care of all of your pregnancy symptoms – both physical and emotional – can be a life-saver.

Schedule an appointment with Green Wave Family Wellness Center today and start enjoying your pregnancy, without the aches and stress!