Free Health Screen at Green Wave Family Wellness Center

I Just Do Not Want To Hurt Anymore!

Pain is the brain’s way to get your attention to nurture an area that may need help. But what if you do not know how to help? You may be suffering from issues like HEADACHES, FATIGUE, PAIN, WEIGHT, DIGESTIVE, HORMONE or SLEEP ISSUES and just want relief and health again. The good news is that Green Wave Family Wellness Center is also part of The Foundation For Wellness Professionals which is a non-profit organization committed to offering a free health screen to the public. These health screens help those who are physically hurting and want to do something about it to make it stop. Our Free health screen is a great way to start.

Who is this for? YOU or Anyone you know who is in need.

This free screen is for those who have health insurance and want clarity before engaging their deductibles, for individuals who work hard at their job and need a break or for those who have limited funds and need answers. Let’s get you answers now.

What does it entail?

You will receive 3 free non-invasive tests and most importantly a Free evaluation with our Doctor. These tests include:

  • Short Health History and Symptom Survey looking for patterns and insights.
  • Specialized Blood Pressure Test to see if your adrenal glands are exhausted indicating physical and emotional stress issues.
  • Toxicity Saliva Test. Indicating levels of toxicity. Toxicity is anything in the system that both can bog a system down and contribute to disease processes within the body.

Our Doctor will meet with you to review your results and distinguish the ways we can help or refer you to someone who can.

“Whether your issue is related to stress, trauma or nutrition, these tests can help find the true cause of your health problem. And once you find the true cause, it’s easier to find a solution.”

Call or schedule now through this website. Ask for the Free Health Screen to get answers while space is still available.